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Thanks for the warm welcome!
I was a tad annoyed at the docs, but ive got over it now. Its strange because I've read a few other threads and ppl are saying theyve had to go to counselling before they could get tested, and I remember that my uncle also needed to see a councilor, he also needed my dads doctor to send proof that my dad was HD+ before any tests would be done, but out here in the states ive ordered a HD test like I was ordering a Big Mac (cept they got the order wrong and gave me a Chicken Burger instead!) But what i mean is that ive not had any councelling, I didnt need any proof that my dad was HD+, I just walked in and asked to be tested.
I dont think I need any counselling anyways, i'll accept whatever fate throws at me, and will just aim to make the most out of life. Even if I do have it, ANYTHING could happen between now and when I get symptomatic so I'm not gonna let it get me down (too much) if I am HD+. Last week for example my mate gave me a lift home, some plonker on his mobile burned the red traffic light and missed me by inches, my life flashed before my eyes.. I thought to myself how ironic is that.. im worrying about dying from hungtingtons and I was totally oblivious to the fact that almost everything we do in life on a daily basis has an element of risk to it.. Anyways thats my outlook, I think its good to be as positive as possible.
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