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Originally Posted by Trish View Post
Hiya Patrick

The HDA website Home Page has this article which gives an entry reading

Hope that helps.


If I get back to organising Laydees What Do Lunch in 2018 are you/you and Vix up for it?

Note to all reading that comment - Patrick is an honorary Laydee as were all blokes who attended the informal pub meets in London (Heels and lacy hats were optional
Haha Thanks Trish for the info! , great to see you're still on the message board! :)
I am always up for a 'Laydees what do lunch' - havent seen you for a good old while, and I think I still have me high heels from last time... ;)
Let me know when you have more details, (or point me to another thread with all the details in it)
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