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Default Re: working and how do i apply for esa3

Originally Posted by pat View Post
Has anyone ever filled in an ESA3 form please, and does it effect the current claim for ESA, as I'm finding it hard to work, as carers are costing me double of what I earn an hour.
Any advice please.
Originally Posted by elessi View Post
we applied for esa, we joined benefits and work online and downloaded their help booklet. hubby now has esa in support group. the booklet helps you to know what to write and how to word it. it also helps if you have letters or any documents from doctors etc

Hi guys.

I can't offer direct ESA advice but I wanted to flag up the HDA has a place in trying to offer support. There's a link below to a News Item they put on the front page where they give their number at the bottom:

NEWS Item re' ESA

That Benefits & Work website does offer good advice too but maybe the HDA add another level insofar as they may be able to offer a more tailored approach in the HD prognosis etc. Using the both together could be worthwhile.
I tried.
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