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Hi there folks

This is just a quickie as it’s fast approaching midnight and I have to be elsewhere …

It’s really difficult but you’ve just got to find “the way in”. In a lot of my message board posts I suggest that you’ve got to spend a few days\weeks\months in the hd-persons shoes - or cross over the tracks so that you can make a parallel journey, day-by-day, just to experience the enormous changes and difficulties that they are experiencing.

Have a look at these posts from recent times:

Hope some of that makes some sort of sense. The most important thing though is to get a local team on board. That includes your HDA Specialist HD Advisor (phone HQ); Social Services (for Adult Social Care Assessment) provide a Social Worker and Occupational Therapist; GP\Neurologist (for referral to various local NHS agencies including Psychologist, Psychologist, etc).

Best wishes …

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