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Default Re: Looking for help/opinions

I'd go further than that's not just no confirmation of diagnosis until physical symptoms it is mis-diagnosis for years in the first place and not bothering to consider or listen to your concerns, coz our doctors ain't got a clue so you don't even get a diagnosis. My husband was "odd" with strange movements for years but hd was never ever muted/mentioned...obvious to me that something was amiss - though I didn't know what - but soo much easier for them to say he's depressed....alcoholic....ataxia....stroke....bad marriage....and of course end of the day it all came down to him saying "I'm fine".

Zach - be honest and upfront as you can and hopefully you will get help and assistance sooner rather than later. Work with your partner and not against. He's there, he loves you, rely on each other and listen
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