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Default Re: Awaiting results

Originally Posted by Hayl86 View Post
Hi Crystal,

Thank you for your response. I wasn't sure where I was supposed to post so I maybe posted in the wrong chat.
Hopefully as you said people going through or having gone through a similar process might respond.
It's actually a weight off my shoulders just being able to off old and know that someone is listening (or reading as the case may be)
Thanks again
Hello again H........hope you don't mind my abbreviation.... correct me if need be!!
No problem at all in where you's just the way things are on the message board that posts sometimes get overlooked unintentionally...... or we get a bit diverted with other posts at times! This past week was HD awareness week...... many of us got a bit sidetracked with events that were happening.!

Keep posting and sharing! We are reading and listening.....

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