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Default Re: Awaiting results

Originally Posted by Hoping81 View Post
Im currently in a similar situation as you. Havent yet had bloods taken but started the process to get this done. Im 35 and my father died of huntingtons at 38 (pretty much the reason why ive decided to get tested).
I get frustrated too as its really difficult to talk to family about it. Dont get me wrong they are all really supportive (husband and mam) but they dont really know what to say. My husband just seems to focus on the fact that i might not have it. I tend to flitter between hopeful and then am sure i have it. Its a yo yo effect.
I think im pretty together as a person however this is a difficult one to process isnt it. Well fingers crossed for you-keep in touch.And here if you want to talk.
I totally understand how you are feeling and I was exactly the same. I was extremely lucky to get my results back and not be affected at all. My fingers are crossed for you. Also here if you would like to talk x
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