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Originally Posted by Allan View Post
Hi there to Spanishgraeme, Jomhv, Ange<3, RoxyT, Hopeful10, Jeanie, Nutty sarah, Maia burnip, Runningmum, Hoping81, Jojo, biskit and others who’ve joined and posted on the MB over the past 6 months or so.

The regulars that were here a year or so ago are, I would think, tied up in their own family hd-situations at present. Group bonding does develop over a short time, especially when everyone rants’n’raves about their own impossible situations - and expresses the honest truth about this god-awful disease.

Realising that people weren’t going to be here every time I wanted to let off steam or ask questions I started "Searching" the MB archives (going back to 2006), looking for anything and everything that was relevant to my son’s particular HD predicament. There is a gold mine of information there - if you can get to it.

In many of my posts I include weblinks to relevant social and recreational therapy sources and specific research papers. Other members do similar with links to Insurance, PIP, Testing, PGD, etc. So, careful searches will bring up relevant info.

Believe it or not, we do have a regular laugh and a joke - and we often raise a “virtual” glass of something alcoholic to each other through our continuing endeavours.

A warm welcome to you all …

What a good idea again Allan......a collective warm welcome to those new to the MB. I'm far too hit and miss with responding to many posts these days, as yet another 'crisis' seems to overshadow everything!.... Sometimes, it's difficult to find a response...especially when some of the recent posts have been so difficult to read and needing so much more than a quick reply and some sort of reassurance. As you say though, there is always room to share a laugh and joke.....and there haven't been too many of those posted of late.....must try to change that!....... raising a glass not a problem!....... and I raise a glass to the person who got 'Carer of the Year' award......because hubs has just informed me I didn't get it this year! (apparently I did for the last couple of years!?) gutted or what!!.... didn't come close apparently... certainly not runner up then!!, as I said I raise a glass to whoever pipped me to the post!!.........(just a little bit of humour to get us started!)

Best wishes everyone
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