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Default Finding it hard to care

Hi My Husband of 25 yrs was diagnosed with HD in May, there was no known family history so it came as a shock. Now looking back his behaviour has been odd for approx 5-6 years. I have been searching the Forum for some clues as to how you all cope- because to be brutally honest I am not coping. I no longer recognise him- and I really donít like him. I am struggling to change my mindset to ďitís the disease not himĒ maybe because we have had several years of his behaviour changing without knowledge or diagnosis.
I know it sounds selfish as I should be concerned about him, but I feel so trapped with no options and with a person whom I both love and totally despise. I no longer want to go out with him in social situations as his behaviour is embarrassing and just not him!! At home he has become so selfish, I am left to do everything, and itís exhausting. I can almost hear you all shouting- Itís the disease. I know this and yet it doesnít make things any easier. If he didnít have HD and this was just him, I would be getting a divorce.
Am I just being cold and callous feeling this way? He is oblivious of his behaviour and quite happy in his own world.
Iím 46 and to be honest feel like my life has been ended and that I face a pretty lonely and bleak future . I would appreciate some advice on how othe r people cope with their partners behaviours. At the minute Iím not discussing with him how he behaves as Iím sure it would upset him and he canít change it . Thanks xx
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