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Scary isn't it V i quite agree.......i was petrified that Chris was going to tug at it when he was in a "mood" But so far (FINGERS CROSSED AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT I CAN CROSS!!") He's been fabulous now that he's getting the right amount of fluids I can see a difference in him! He's back to being cheeky and very naughty! Its our birthday this week so i'm taking the day off work nursing and spending it with my lovely twin who no doubt will be having a LARGE portion of Tiramsu most of which i'll get covered in but who cares he's worth it x

I wish I could have my brother at home with me but I know that I wouldn't be able to cope, looking after our mum as a child/teenager brought me down to almost rock bottom. I value the staff of Church Walk amazing people fantastic knowledge of HD I can't praise them all enough for what they have done for Chris AND me x
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