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Just recently chucked out the bibs and pads Trish is talking about, I could have given them to you living just over the border.

Have to say like you tried towels, t towels etc, and then ordered the tartan bibs on link 2, think ordered the large, so they were quite long and wide, and they have a tray bit to catch anything. Great product, hubs did not really want to wear it, but as I pointed out saved him having to worry about the mess and we were at home no one sees. Only got them in the July, wish I had done it before, so did not have much use as I ordered 5, to allow for washing, but they are quite sponge able so that was a bit excessive.

Just watch with the bed pads that you take note of the size you are ordering as there are several to choose from. Indeed they are brilliant for covering the chairs. They are still VAT exempt, but you need to mention it if on the phone, or fill in the exemption certificate online.
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