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CC's mention of 'tray' reminded me of another thing we purchased that helped later on. Having said that, if it had been available earlier I do wish I had got it for Steve before he got to the stage he needed me feeding him as I believe it would have helped his dignity at mealtimes when feeding himself and maybe kept him able to do so longer?

Like a lot of people we would, in the earlier days, sit with laps on our trays in front of the telly.

Trays became too difficult for obvious reasons (not just the legs being a bit tremory but the distance from plate to mouth meaning more difficulty)


I'd bought one of those tables that raises up ( see here) but they didn't go up all that far so we switched to sitting at a dining table and it wasn't the same

It wasn't until Steve was in a wheelchair, and by then I was feeding him, that I found these overchair type tables that would fit over proper size armchairs.

Because designed to go over the arms they raise up higher and make it better in terms of distance from plate to mouth. It would have been lovely to get one, or even two so that I had one too lol and mealtimes with Steve being able to feel 'normal' would have been good.

They have a lot of room too which allows for less chance of knocking things over on a cramped space.

Click HERE to see The one I got

Click here for other versions
I tried.
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