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Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
My experience of this was we were told to write to DVLA once hubby was diagnosed and to inform the insurance company. For the first 3 years they sent the medical to Roger Barker at Addenbrookes, the final year Martin was in hospital because one of his pyscotic/depressive bouts, and misses the appt with Roger Barker, so he replied unable to report/recommend. This triggered an appt to go for driving assessment with DVLA, once he was home from hospital. To be perfectly honest, it was needed, Martins spacial awareness was declining, (not to him of course), but the anxiety of the test put him off going. He asked me to contact them and say he would not be driving anymore, I think in his mind that was better than failing and feeling he had been in control of when to stop.

My feeling is, your GP will probably ask Grant a series of questions on his ability to drive, whether he will do any of the tests like they do at clinic, like walking on a tightrope etc, or memory I don't know, but would imagine he will then just send off his recommendation, if there is any doubt or concern he will probably just recommend the DVLA test, if not know maybe in 12 months. I think the GP visit will be quite laid back and Grant need not worry, if he is OK driving and presenting pretty well, the doctor will probably go with that.

Thank you cupcake

Grant's driving is still good, I am still happy and comfortable for him to drive my nieces around. I would not do this if I felt he was un safe. Thank fully the dr he is going to see, he is comfortable with and he also completed his medical for his bus licence a few years ago.

We had clinic in October, and the consultant asked Grant how he felt his driving was and made no recommendation at the time to consider to stop driving.

Grant decided to give up his bus licence on his own terms and has promised me he will stop driving when he feels he is not safe to do so not when someone else tells him. I hope this will be the case as I dont have the energy to battle with this with him

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