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HD has recently been diagnosed with my family and i recieved my own postive test result only last month. I wanted to ask some advise as i've been experiencing unexplained symptoms for around three years (visual/fluidity/motion related). All tests came back clear and it was only when HD was diagnosed in one of my parents did they begin to think my symptoms could be related. I still awaiting to see the Neulogist again.

I'm now stuck in abit of limbo as personally would like to know if the last few years are related to my positive HD result, yet being advised it might be hard to determine and do i really want to push for an answer due to the restrictions that could/would be imposed on me if proven 'symptomatic'.

Is it worth trying to find out if I'm symptomatic? I'm concerned in regards to my driving license as without that i would lose my job (work in the emergency services) and feel that currently im still safe to drive etc.

With my mother her licence was taken off her immediately after her diagnosis and im concerned the same might happen to myself. However my mother was deemed to be far move advanced (10-15yrs) into the condition.

How does It work, are you allowed to be tested every few years, are people allowed to continue to drive once proven symptomatic etc?

Thank you in advance
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