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Default Re: HD Wife said she was leaving me today.........

Originally Posted by banda View Post
Hi....sorry you are having all of this emotional stress and bless you for your caring and perseverance. We all at some time have to accept it's the HD and not the person but it doesn't make it any better....I guess it is equally as distressing for the sufferer too. Have you accessed any help from age concern? social services or other organisations? I know that there are alarmed mats available so that if the person gets out of bed an alarm sounds..they are used a lot by people with alzheimers...there is also simply locking the doors and hiding the keys although morally we may not like to do that. There may be other solutions too...take care...xx
Thank you Banda

When I took the dog for his his walk, last night, I unlocked the back door and took the garage keys with me. This was just in case she decided to lock me out of the front door.........she has access to keys.
I didn't get locked out !!!

When I came downstairs this morning, she was fast asleep on the couch. Thank god.

Sometimes I overthink things. It doesn't do my stress levels any favours but I'd rather be ready to solve a problem than taken by surprise.

We are going to see Dr Komati in a couple of weeks. Perhaps that will be helpful for us both.

Thanks again 🙂
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