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Howdy all.

Hope everyone is well?

Not stopping but I just popped in to say I heard there was a problem with the E-Petition and the link to sign on was blocking going further (SSL Cert issue at the Gov's website apparently).


I have been in touch with Government Digital Services and they have fixed the problem but I don't know how long it has been like that. I just hope it hasn't lost us too many potential signatures :(

We currently stand at 2,863.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to share and sign in my absence :) Please keep up the good work and do flag up if you see or hear of any further problems.

Love to all

Trish x
Originally Posted by Trish View Post
Hi all

We have reached 2,791 signatures out of 100,000 needed by Jan 2014 to get the petition 'considered' for debate in the House of Commons.

See Petition HERE

Impossible? Maybe, but that shouldn't stop us trying!.

We are 2,791 signatures out of 10,000 needed by Jan 2014 to attract attention and get a possible 'response' in writing.

Impossible? We are over a quarter of the way there so it's very possible

Where people can only sign the once that limits the signing power of you guys where I know you would have signed every day if you could have.

That said, if you haven't yet signed please PLEASE do sign. It only takes a few minutes. Please also make sure if you have signed that your signature has been verified by clicking on the link they would have e-mailed to you. It's worth trying to sign again if you are not sure. If your signature has gone through it will tell you it's already been cast against the petition.

Please PLEASE send the link and mention the petition to everyone you know in order to urge them to sign.

The full link is

Add me on TWITTER @TDainton My Twitter account also has my Blog page where you can find out more details on why I felt moved to raise an e-petition in the first place.
I tried.
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