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Hi Gill, very difficult stuff to deal with, this. Most healthcare professionals know little about HD so when somebody says they are 'fine' they go with it. They could do a Mental Capacity Assessment on your son to see if he understands the possible consequences of living in an unhygienic environment. They could also work around 'self neglect' and talk to him about having a Support Worker to help him cope with everyday life. If approached by somebody that has taken the time to build a relationship with him he may agree to a little help with cleaning, shopping and getting to appointments which will all help towards his long term well-being. Staff need to work together in a Multi-Disciplinary fashion to get the best results. Get them all talking to each other if you can so they can provide a coordinated approach which should achieve much better outcomes for him. As people have suggested, if you don't have an H.D Specialist Team around you then the HDA should be able to coordinate. Good luck. : )
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