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Originally Posted by melissa21 View Post
Hi Angela,

I am so sorry to hear you tested positive!! This is very sad

Unfortunately i had the same thing happen to me!!

I got tested when i was 21 years old and i tested positive and i have got a high CAG which means my symptoms started young. I am 26 years old and i have had symptoms for 5 years. I am in the early stages of HD.

I know how hard it is getting tested!! It was very hard and i am sorry you had to go though that too!!

How are you feeling now you have got your results?

Do you have any symptoms yet?

Hi Melissa, itís definitely not the best words to hear is it. But the good thing about knowing is being able to try and do things to prevent it such as eating healthy and excercising. Iím so sorry to hear you are having symptoms at such a young age. I thought I was getting them as my memory is extremely bad but I was at the clinic today for a proper assessment and he seemed to think Iím not. What sort of symptoms are you experiencing? Xx
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