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Default Re: Feeling lost - CVS without confirmed diagnosis (or history)

Thanks so much for your reply, I completely understand. Reading what I wrote again, it was all quite rambling, but I think I just needed to get it all out.

What I was wondering was whether what we're being told sounds sensible? They've basically said that Ben has to have the test, or we can't test the baby. I'm about 8 weeks now, so we basically have to make a decision now, so the results come back in time to do a CVS.

Has anyone else heard of anything like this before?

Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
Hello Jayne.....just wanted to say welcome to the MB. Sometimes, replies to a post do not come forward, because others do not perhaps know what advice to offer, or feel uncertain as to how to respond, as in my case. I have read your post several times and find myself still unable to offer you anything that could possibly help you in this really distressing time. You, yourself have pointed out options....have received counselling and will have much soul-searching to endure. Sadly, the time comes when HD is present somewhere in our lives, when some decisions made previously (such as whether to test or not) have to be 'revisited'.!The 'goalposts' change and sometimes, decisions may have to change too. Many will say there will be no right or wrong decisions made in the context of HD.....just extremely hard, often heartbreaking decisions....but personal to each and everyone involved. This message board serves to support, offer advice when we can, encourage others to seek appropriate help from professionals involved in HD etc.etc. and sometimes we can only understand and listen, but not know how to always offer any more.

I do hope, however, that there may be others who may be able to respond to you, but should this not happen, do still stay 'on board ' and share your thoughts, emotions, hopes and fears, may even help you both reach any decisions that may, or may not even, need to be made, just by sharing them here.

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