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Default HD Wife said she was leaving me today.........

During one of her mood swings, my wife, told me today that she was leaving me, never wanted to see me again and she wasn't going to let me know where she was going.
That was all about 3 hours ago and she hasn't done anything other than get dressed.
It's only 10:15pm but I've decided to head off to bed. I can't sit up all night, with her, on the off chance that she decides to walk out. As I'm writing this I'm thinking.........but that's exactly what I should do. I should be with her....I should be watching, in case she wanders off.
I don't think that I can live like that though. I want her to be safe. I want her to know that I'm looking after her best interests.
I don't think that I can function if I'm Frazzled all the time though.
If anyone else has had to deal with threats to leave and can offer any guidance. Please let me know.
I can't decide what is the next step if decides to go walkabout.
At the moment, anyone trying to assess her state of mind would likely decide that she simply doesn't like me anymore. I know that it's the HD.
Trying to convince anyone else would be difficult as she presents as fairly plausible.

Hope everyone else is having a good day
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