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Hi All

well its been a while since updated you on my twin, so thought I would pop in and update you all.
2014 was a dark year with having to find Chris a new care home due to the one he was in being a total s**t hole!!
So many people where sending me support and kindness and to this day I still think of you all.
4 years have now passed and I'm pleased to say Chris is settled and loved where he is now. His health has deteriorated quite a lot to the point where he just wants to hold my hand now, gone are the days of him leaping about and causing mischief .
I don't know how much longer I will have him for but when I visit I am full of anxiety but by the time I leave him I am smiling again.
I often stop on my way home and look out over the beautiful fields and cry to myself. This is my one selfish act but it helps me get my frustrations out in the open without interfering with the rest of my family life.
I know the time will be coming soon for Chris to leave me and I'm trying to prepare myself mentally but sometimes it all gets the better of me.

But now he is settled and content, he is loved and well cared for by some wonderful staff at Church Walk Rochdale. I will always be in awe of them.

My love goes out to all of you
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