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Default Re: HD Dad, house move

Originally Posted by PlymouthE View Post
Hi all,

I've not joined before but I feel now that I could do with the help and support of a community who are familiar with the symptoms of HD. My dad was diagnosed maybe a year ago or so but we knew he had it before that, as both his mum and his brother had it and he was symptomatic for a long time. I found out in a particularly nasty way, from my mum who was confessing her affair to me at the time and using it as an excuse. I was asked to keep this affair secret from my dad for a year, unless it 'made me more ill' (I have a history of depression and anxiety). This all came out in the wash in the last two years and now they are separated, I have moved with my dad in order to help him set up his new house and because I'm not well enough to live on my own. I didn't want to live with my mum because we don't get on, she is quite toxic.

We moved about three weeks ago and are still sorting the house out but I'm finding it difficult to get on with my dad sometimes. I feel guilty because he's not really advanced- he is medically retired but he can care for himself. I would not consider myself a carer, though I help sometimes with things when I think he's having trouble. But we have arguments where anything I say will kick him off, he's on citalopram but hasn't had it in a week. I know that my anti-depressants need a raise because I'm irritable and I'm finding it difficult to get up in the mornings. I was quite happy working 5 days a week before and need to get back into that. I'm helping with putting pictures up today and we were doing that for about an hour and a half, he objected to me then spending 10 minutes reading my book and when he went out to get some picture fittings, we then had an argument because I said I wasn't going to clean the bathroom while he was out.

I am happy to help, but he doesn't seem to recognise that I have my own stuff to be getting on with during the day and not all spare time is to be directed by him. I want to live with him and to help but I want my own time during the day too, both breaks and time for applying for jobs/internships etc.
Am I being overdramatic?
It's very difficult to say what's normal or unusual during a house move.
It's very stressful and can lead to many arguments all by itself.
What I can say is Citilopram has to be removed gradually.
My wife has just changed to an alternative. She was on 30mg per day. The doctor recommended that for the first week of the changeover she should take 10mg, 2nd week 10mg every second day and then 3rd week nothing.

I'm not sure what effect suddenly stopping will have but I doubt it will be positive.

Hope that is of some help.

Good luck
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