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Originally Posted by Charmac View Post
Hia, I'm Charlotte my father in law was diagnosed 2 years ago. My concern now is my partner he chose not tested but over that last 12 month his mental state is getting worse and I'm just wondering if this could be anything to do the disease, he is very paranoid thinks people are out to.get him and has regular delusions.
I think that you should try having a serious discussion with him about facing it together? I'm not an expert by any means but I was upfront with my now partner about wanting to get tested and he was on the same page as me because we approach it as something we are going to be facing together. Maybe if he gets tested he could get some better help for his symptoms (if that's what they're from?) and it's not HD symptoms, you'd be able to better approach it from there with less stress?

But yes, his symptoms sound like possible HD. Not everyone experiences it the same way though. Have you considered talking to your mother in law about your feelings on the issue? She might be able to get through to him best if they're on good terms.

Hope that helps. :)
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