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Originally Posted by Jojo View Post

I filled in a carers assessment form a couple of months ago and now I've received a letter from Adult Care Services to see if I still require the assessment .... my question is do I have to have the assessement and what are the advantages or disadvantages of this.

Not really sure what it requires me to do, if anything.


Hi Jojo

Been years since I was a carer so I suspect things have changed a lot.

However, I don't think one is mandatory but it is worth thinking about having one so that you can get access to things you may need to be able to help you being carer.

I didn't want much help to be honest but there was one thing they picked up on as they were worried about me going under if I didn't get a break.

I got access to support under a scheme called Crossroads which matched me and hubs up to someone who would come in once a week and sit with Steve whilst I had a few hours break from home.

I would use it to meet up with others; get a bit of shopping; sometimes just sit in the pub with a glass of wine, magazine and a pub lunch. The sheer joy of not having to cook and clean up after while I classed it as 'Me Time' would give me the strength to go back and carry on.

I had to trust the person I was leaving Steve with and he had to take to them too so it was a slow process where I often came back earlier than need be. However, the Carer's Assessment looked at my needs as an individual and tried to tailor what it could so that it helped me. The recognition by default that my needs mattered just as much as Steve's was immense!

They also flagged up a service called Telecare. Although we had to pay a small monthly charge, it was a Council run scheme that gave us added support in emergency. Many a time I used them when Steve had falls and it was a god send.

Bit of general info on telecare here

Chances are, what with budget restraints and all that, there is not as much support available now. Even back in 2007-2010 I would be on waiting list for some of the things on offer. That said, if you feel you could do with a it of help do please take a look at the carer's UK site (linky below) and ask for an Assessment.

Carers UK Guide to Assessment
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