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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
Hello sorry to hear how sad everything is for you. It is hard to follow on from the amazing eloquent, honest reply and help that Lily has given you....and so I won't even try to follow such heartfelt advice. For info. though...maybe take a look at one of the fact sheets' available to download from this website ' a young adults guide'.... which will give you details of specialist youth worker etc. and meetings specifically for young adults to attend, where others in your situation can help and support one another. You will find it under 'advice and support '.....I understand your feelings of isolation, but there will be help available to you through this website..... you are not alone...others on this message board will be here to listen.

Hi Crystal,
Her reply was wonderful, all the replies make me feel a little less alone.
Ive looked but a while ago so I will certainly take a better look, ive also got in touch with the representative for where I live and has given me some advice! I hope this forum will help me as well im all ready surprised and touched I even got any replies.
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