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Originally Posted by melissa21 View Post
Hi everyone,

I am new so i thought i would share my HD story.

I am 26 years old and i am HD positive. I have had symptoms for 5 years and i am in the early stages of the disease. I live in the UK.

My Dad sadly passed away from HD and i will never forget him. I am very happy that he didn't know i have got it too as that would of broke his heart.

When i was 20 years old i started to get some symptoms and i knew that i had HD!! I was so scared but i decided i needed to get tested and find out if i had it. I tested positive and my CAG is 51.

I wasn't shocked when i got my result as i knew that i had symptoms. They put me on medication immediately which helped me so much.

I seem to have very bad mental symptoms. That is the thing that i struggle with right now.

I do have a older sister but she has not been tested.

I am a strong person and i do exercise everyday which helps slow it down. I am doing everything possible to delay the progression.

Would be nice to meet some other young people on here :)

Melissa xx

Hiya lv.

My name Stephen. I'm from north west England. I'm 34 mother of 2. I found out 2yrs ago. My CAG 46. I know how u feeling lv inhere if u want to talk. Where u live xxxx
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