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I was curious if anyone has advice on my situation. I am currently engaged to someone who tested positive (CAG 51) last year. We are both 28, live together for the most part, and have been engaged for 3 years, delays because of schooling. She is showing early symptoms; clumsiness, apathy, preoccupied with online shopping, not interested in going out, not interested in me. She believes she still loves me, and is very sweet most of the time, but she no longer truly cares about what I'm up to or how I am. Her family is very supportive, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. But they recently have insisted that I immediately follow through with the marriage or immediately end the relationship. Either choice sounds horrific to me. I can't bear the thought of breaking her heart at such an emotionally vulnerable point in her life. But a marriage at this point would feel hollow, depressing, and I'm clinging to the thought of being able throw in the towel at my breaking point. When you marry, you promise to go beyond that breaking point. Am I hiding from reality if I just want to stay the current course?
In my opinion you shouldn't go through with it. You're only young and clearly have doubts already. It would be a very hard path for you and any children. Short term pain would mean you can move on with YOUR life.
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