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Default Re: The Road to Hell - and part-way back

Hiya Allan,
I have read all the way through it tbh.
I agree with all you say.

But its like anything in life. Even with HD everyone is so different.
In ten years since HD entered my door I have learned about HD but in my family where it is rife everyone is so so different even though empathy doesn't seem to exist.

If I had just one person on one path I am sure I could handle it with a much better look at that person. But I am sure that everyone thinks that sometimes even with just one path with one person they have to follow.

I do know that I have tried so hard to try and get inside my loved ones mind and understand how he feels. But I find that the only way to change their mood is to totally change tack and move away from the subject. Almost like going into another room with them but in their mind.

Jimmy Pollard says that people with HD have a mask. I have seen what you say about giving our loved ones news of different kinds and it seems that they seem to look at it without much compassion or empathy.

I told my son four years ago that his granddad had died. Now he was so close to his granddad I was worried how he would react with my son being in residential. He just said "oh" and carried on talking.
I was confused. But in a very short time he had to run to the toilet and was very sick. When he came out of the toilet he just carried on. So his HD mind blanked it but his heart couldn't.

The same thing happened a few weeks ago when his dad died. He looked as though I hadn't said anything to him. BUT he did look sad and looked down. Then it was as though his dad hadn't died and he carried on talking.
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