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Originally Posted by v wright View Post
Hi Trish and Crystal
Thanks for sharing this feedback.It's invaluable. Hoping J settles and we will be in a position to visit sometime. XX
I very much hope that you will be able to visit Park House too. I know this thread was/is discussing PEG; (and not necessarily Respite), but whilst we were staying at Park House last year, there was a lovely couple there - wife in later stages of HD - she had had a PEG fitted and they had visited Park House frequently. Her husband was able to have a welcome break from caring and they were there together which was very important. As Trish says, funding may be available via a Direct Payment (as I know it was in their case) for Respite, as a couple to visit, but with the payment going of course to 'J'. As Trish also stated - it can be a long process to get the 'powers that be' to think 'outside of the box' when it comes to 'traditional' short-term respite options - nursing/residential etc.
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