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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
Thank you Trish. We had Room 25 on our last visit! Previously our room had been 15 (on two occasions) and when Park House offered us a different room I thought it may not be a good idea!? We all know what change can do!! All was fine and the view wonderful! such a 'special' place. You (and others) have inspired me and I was so sorry for your loss (and others too). Have 'the book' and also other publications that were recommended - been there, done that, but yet to get the 'T Shirt'!

I reckon you have the T Shirt already. Just a case of needing to take it out of the drawer at times when an extra layer is required

I got myself a mug printed the other day. It says on the front

'I'm Trish. I've been through the mill'

On the other side of the mug it says

'but I came out Well Grounded'.

Talking of mugs....

In my job before my current one I was in a construction company . I was in the Tea Point and there was a spare mug on the side.

I was allowed to take it home as it made me cry.

It was made by the kitchen makers Howdens for a special event at Park House where they supplied the kitchen. Picture of Park House on the front. In all our times at Park House (6 in total) we could never find a PH mug (only ones with cats and dogs lol) and it felt like this mug had been waiting for me. What were the chances of that eh? Funding a Park House mug on the side of the sink in the middle of a company in Eltham in London?
I tried.
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