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This illness is very stress inducing and finding out you are HD positive whilst being pregnant must have been doubly hard. I take it you are not symptomatic yet and at 24, I am no doctor of course, but hopefully you have years before it develops. You are getting lots of medical support by the sounds of it and seeing someone to talk to. I just wonder has your husband seen anyone too? I know you are the one with the hd positive result, but your spouse by the way it reads is having a difficult time of coping with all this. My mum has HD and denied it for years and my dad and I lived under a lot of stress with no help and her denial of it. Could your husband be reacting out of worry, stress and anger? His distancing himself could be because he doesn't know HOW to cope with this result. It's hard on you of course and all your fears for your son and hoping you get to see him grow up and have not passed it on etc. Your husband needs to support you, but by the sounds of it he needs support to by talking to someone like you are. It's a frightening thing for everyone to have this diagnosis and all the fears and stress build up and you fight, scream and avoid each other. I am no expert at all, but as someone who cared for a HD sufferer and seeing my dad as a spouse dealing with his wife having HD I could see the stress and worry. It's a very emotional state of affairs for you all and I hope you 2 can pull together.
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