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hi thanks for the help. Just to let you know that my wife did get awarded PIP however just been refused blue badge....going to appeal. The form seemed to concentrate on whether she can walk 250 yards or not. Well she can, very slowly and with poor balance. And that seems to be the sole criteria. The fact that she struggles to get out of the car, I have to park so close to the cars on my side so she can get out or leave her somewhere whilst I try and find a parking spot.

Good news about the PIP but such a pain they are not looking beyond the standard criteria re' Blue Badge. Defo worth appealing the decision.

The Citizen's Advice website has a section re' Blue Badges. See HERE. They suggest it is worth asking for help by going in to your local CAB who can help with wording from the sounds of it.

As you say... You are being forced to leave your wife vulnerable. Not just the physical elements there but psychologically she must be stressed and scared when you need to leave her and drive off.
I tried.
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