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Default Re: HD Dad, house move

Originally Posted by Spanishgraeme View Post
It's very difficult to say what's normal or unusual during a house move.
It's very stressful and can lead to many arguments all by itself.
What I can say is Citilopram has to be removed gradually.
My wife has just changed to an alternative. She was on 30mg per day. The doctor recommended that for the first week of the changeover she should take 10mg, 2nd week 10mg every second day and then 3rd week nothing.

I'm not sure what effect suddenly stopping will have but I doubt it will be positive.

Hope that is of some help.

Good luck
I have just logged back in so many months later to find all these lovely responses!

Yes I agree, the arguments have let up a little as we have sorted more of the house out over the past few months. Although we have unwittingly moved into a flea infestation which is now testing my patience. The exterminator has been out twice now and I haven't seen any for a while but don't want to get my hopes up because it's heartbreaking when you realise that you have to go through the whole deep cleaning process all over again.

My dad is not very thorough with the vaccum cleaner either so when the exterminator comes, it's me running round like a headless chicken for about 6 hours before he comes and it's hard to be patient then when he wants to argue about something. For example, I was disinfecting the patio to make sure the little oiks weren't breeding out there and coming back in on the dog and I'd been scrubbing away for 2-3 hours, with my dad holding the hose when I started feeling faint. I asked to be passed my bottle of water but was told that he couldn't go in the house as would have to take his shoes off, so I continued sans water. Half an hour later I was very faint and asked if he would take over for a while, but after watching him ineffectively move dirty water around for ten minutes, I realised the onus was going to be on me. I tried to be as quick as possible as I got more and more lightheaded, and it came to the time we were supposed to be heading to my aunts for tea. I had maybe ten minutes more work to do, but my dad could not wait for this and was aggressively insisting that I start again tomorrow as we needed to leave. I said that my aunt would have no issue with me finishing a horrible job and being ten minutes late because then I wouldn't have to wake up and do it in the morning. We argued about this as I finished and then cleared up. I sat in the kitchen and had a glass of water and something small to eat before heading over because I was still so faint, it's a 15 min walk and neither of us drive (me anxiety, him HD). My dad proceeded to tell me I needed to get up and go that second because he didn't want to be late. I chose my battle then and said that if I didn't sit down for two minutes I would faint on the way there.

Anyway, apologies for the essay but sometimes the situations that you get into are so horrifying ridiculous it would be laughable if it wasn't so horrible. I know that it's the HD talking when he's like that but it can be so hard to be understanding.

He hadn't had his citalopram because he forgot to order it. After that week I bought a tablet organizer with weekdays on and I check when his meds are running low, so I can monitor when he has or hasn't taken them without nagging everyday. Trying to help while simultaneously appearing not to be doing too much seems to be the way to go.

What has your wife been moved to? I am on 150mg Sertraline.
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