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Originally Posted by Fola View Post
Sorry not the usual title you see but wondered if anyone had any tips or advice on something my wife can use to get her bra off or on easier. She really struggles when I'm not there. Just wondering if there's a helpful tool out there.

Thanks Fola
Hi Fola

I can't vouch for anything (my Hubby had HD and as far as I know he wasn't into cross dressing but, then again, I don't know what he was up to when I was out lol).

Seriously though...

From a very quick on-line search I have pulled up the sites below. Without knowing more detail about what the limitations are it's difficult to see if these would prove to have issues too but I can try looking further if the below don't look useful.



Don't forget to claim VAT exemption on aids for disability by the way.

Having put up the above, I was just getting dressed for work and another idea came to mind.

I do my own bra up at the front and then twist it around. Could you adapt a bra using velcro? Sample website for velcro below. I am thinking you could buy some velcro sqauares or discs. So the hook side onto the normal hook side on the bra and the hoop side onto the normal hoop side. If not into sewing, an easy tip is to get the stick on velcro; dig out a couple of buttons ( a couple of your spare shirt ones would suffice) and sew the velcro using the buttons for reinforcing to stay put in the wash. Buttons being on the back of the bra and also being a handy guide to where your Mrs needs to grip and guide the velcro.

If the straps are a big issue I have put a sample link to strapless bras also. You could buy a couple of cheap bras and try out the idea or adapt with velcro one of your wife's old bras to see if it works maybe?


STRAPLESS BRA (The straps can be removed from this one)
I tried.
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