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Default Re: Curse in Verse - the poetry of HD


I did write another post in here but decided to edit.

Could people please note that Lulu is not a free site. It says it is but that is only the case if you don't require any of the services they offer and have everything done yourself including graphics, layout etc, etc and it doesn't stand that what I may have on a word document will transfer directly into their templates.


The site is geared for those in the USA (where Jimmy is) there are added costs and complications where distributing from the UK applies thus making the cost per copy too high to be marrketable to a small market.

Can I also ask people to look at the project I was hoping to do as a labour of love and not profit. I have always made it clear any revenues raised were for the HDA. It is not a case of 'Vanity publishing' either. It was always with the intention of raising awareness and it was dedicated to my husband and his father first and foremost. To that end I would pay 100,000 if I had it!

I know that Matt does not consider me 'smart', I know that Matt may think I am wasting money that could be spent on Hubs. I hope those of you who actually know me will know I would not sacrifice Hub's comfort for the sake of a book and I am not the type of person to venture on things without looking at the pros and cons (cons being the operative word here) first.

I'm sorry I feel once again i need to defend my posts but I really didn't want it left to look like I was being thick and selfish. Not that Matt would have meant that I am sure but unfortunately there were a number of assumptions made above which I wanted to counter before I leave.

Trish x
I tried.
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