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Default Re: Curse in Verse - the poetry of HD

Originally Posted by just1moreperson View Post
I'm just saying I think you can achieve what you want to achieve without spending large amounts of money. It's already gone pretty well, the HDA sell the poems on their website, that's a success in itself. I support the idea of turning it into a proper book.

Can I please ask that this be the last word on this as I feel I am having to justify everything and it's becomming time consuming and frustrating for both of us.

If we refer to my initial post I already mentioned the problem with Lulu and the fact that sales via the HDA are going slow (unless you know something I don't?) and it is not a good use of their resources where they are printing and binding. It's just about covering costs of production and I am sure everyone would agree the admin staffs' time is better served on other things.

Original post:
'Take up has been slow but I can live with that. In terms of HDA use of' resources, given there is little if any profit in doing it that way and certainly very limited marketing (although a big THANK YOU applies to the HDA for taking it on and putting it on the site and HDA Newsletter) I have been thinking about other methods of getting it produced and sold.

I was listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 yesterday and he had an article about self publishing sites. In particular he focused on Grosvenor House Publishing and there was a lot of good feedback on how they work. For a fee of about 1,000 they will work with authors to produce printed copies of books and get them out into the public arena getting advertised on sites like Amazon.Com and Waterstones.

Lots of other companies do similar packages. I note Jimmy Pollard used Lulu but, as they are an American company, the feedback has come back a bit hit and miss in terms of UK users.'

You will know as well as anyone else that marketing is key to raising awareness and the HDA is not exactly a place where people would automatically go to look up books. Sites like Amazon are and this way the sites advertise and distribute to a wider audience.

Now can we please leave it at this?

Many thanks

I tried.
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