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Default Re: Curse in Verse - the poetry of HD

Hi all,

I'm cracking on with the poems and have a request for input from those who read and or contributed to Pimp my Blog.

Along with the poems I am adding a section at the end using parts of PMB to help illustrate poems further.

The parts I have in mind at this stage are:

The section on my seeking therapy to outline The British Assoc of Thgerapists

The part where I took hubs out in a wheelchair for the first time and people treated him like a deaf mute all of a sudden whereas before they spoke direct to him not through me

I will also be adapting a post contributed in here by Twamoons of how the HD brain works I will of course credit twamoons for the original idea.

With Myrna's permission I would like to put in the speech about Rikki on JHD. Again, creditting Myrna

I may add my mushroom soup recipe (poem on 'Souperfoods' to illustrate weight problems and trehalous being good for HDps etc.

Did anyone ever try this and were the measurements okay as I tend to just chuck the stuff in lol

Has anyone any other parts of PMB they think might be worth using or any posts in here that were Eureka moments?

Thanks all

Trish x
I tried.
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