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Default Re: Curse in Verse - the poetry of HD

Been a week now since I asked about whether this poem had a place in the anthology or not and there have been several positive comments and not one negative so I am keeping it in

Feel free to PM me if anyone has any strong objections and I will consider re-thinking the wording/introdution to reflect where possible.

If anyone has any strong feelings about any of the other poems feel free to make comment too.

I am working on a number of other poems that could be classed as controversial but I feel they have a place as the subject matter will have been something that has either brought interest in here (Message Board) or been written about in other books such as The Selfish Pig's Guide.

Probably won't be until the New Year now but I'd love to get -say - a dozen people on board to look the final drafts from my end and let me know of any mis-information I may be putting forward as my research can only go so far.


I tried.
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