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Default Re: Curse in Verse - the poetry of HD

Originally Posted by Trish View Post

I have an actor who may be reading 'The Rushed Hush and The Name Game. Will be speaking to her soon about how we do it.

Another actor/documentary director may be reading another poem but he hasn't conformed yet although has said he will try.
Up-date on how the poetry reading project has been going.

Carol Royle, who played 'Emilie' in BBC Casualty as the mother with HD has done me proud!

We have managed to get out 3 videos so far.

The 1st one is my poem The Rushed Hush


The 2nd is my poem The Name Game


The 3rd is actually the first take that Carol did where trying to work out how to use her PC again for making and sending me a reading. Carol read straight through our suggested texts and was a star where she didn't worry about a couple of fluffed lines and my inadequate writing; she urged me to get it out there anyway as it showed her real anger and emotion when reading about such a devastating condition and such a wonderful man who I am paying tribute to in my words.

initial reading including 'MY INSPIRATION'

We have interest from others to do a reading but, as yet, nothing has been forthcoming. Obviously I will post up in here if anything more comes through.
I tried.
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