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Default Re: Communication aids

Originally Posted by jaq View Post

I just had an interesting meeting with the speech and language therapists as my brothers communication had been a bit down hill of late .

We are carrying on the the exercises she has given him but we also spoke about communication aids for the future .

She showed me an i pad and several applications which may be useful as communication deteriorates which I know of is what will happen .

I think a course might be useful to see what apps are good and how they might be used with HD patients as she said she mostly wortks with Motror neurone disease and Parkinson's who have some similar and some different needs .

I wonder if anyone has any experience in using these aids at all and also how the funding is organised as of course hi tech equipment is more expensive than a paper system .

From the chat we had I can see how it might be useful to begin to incorporate some of the activities and build up a library of likes dislikes etc etc as it would be better to do things before communication becomes more difficult .

I am sure wonderful possibilites are available at the touch of a button it is just finding the right button and right applications that work best with HD .

Any experience would be much appreciated ,

Many thanks

Hi Hun

Communication tools have moved on a long way from when I got Steve a Lightwriter. It's fair to say I was his communication tool and nothing on the market, then or now, can work as well as having someone close to help understand/interpret and M is lucky to have you.

The IT route was always a worry for me. I know myself from using even the most basic of phones that it can be very frustrating when knocking keys/swiping things inadvertently means the wrong message is typed/conveyed and we all know how fine motor skill deteriorate over time.

Had this company been around, or had I known about them at the time I would have actively looked into how they could provide equipment and guidance. They not only work in the IT area of communication aids but have basic stuff like simple cards. Just gettting Steve used to a simple "Yes" and "No" card would have been wonderful as time passed.

May be worth looking into these guys - Talking Mats.

I will forward you an e-mail I got where I asked if they had done any HD related studies.

As for funding of SALT items. It's the usual postcode lottery issue I'm afraid. I had to wait so long for the budget to be available for Steve's equipment I ended up making a business case (proper Civil Service Buying ethos here) and make a part payment as a donation to cover the shortfall. Call me if you want more info.
I tried.
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