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Default Electronic Assistive Technology

Hi Jaq

Iíve been doing a little digging and Ö..

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability provides an electronic assistive technology [EAT] service. It's made up of a team of healthcare professionals who provide EAT equipment for patients and residents within the hospital, as well as for people with disabilities living in the community or at other hospitals or units.

Equipment includes:
  • communication aids
  • computers and software
  • switches and other access devices
  • powered wheelchair controls
  • environmental controls
Have a look at this: Assistive Technology for Complex Disability: Communication & Control

Slide 6 lists Huntingtonís disease and if you scroll down itís obvious that all the IT knowledge is at the RHN.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication [AAC ] is interesting but youíve got to trawl through the bullet points to find relevant stuff.

AAC Knowledge website is another one to trawl through.

Directory of AAC Suppliers

Iím surprised that the HDA havenít picked up on this important communication need that our hd-family members could use to enhance their lives when speech becomes a major problem.

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