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Hi Fola,
My son is on Olanzapine. 10mg twice a day. It made him put a lot of weight on. But I think what didn't help was the fact that before he was sectioned over 5 years he used to go to the gym every other day. Plus he ate very healthy too. The Olanzapine made him so hungry.
He has been in residential care now for over 5 years. He is 50.
He is on mixture of drugs now. But the one that really affected his moods and help him was Clonazepam. It is a very low dose, 0.05, but within three days he was a different boy.
Is it your GP or Neurologist that wants to up the Olanzapine or her Neurologist. Clonazepam seems to have helped a few HD patients that I know of.
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