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Default Re: HD & CVS Testing

Originally Posted by jessipeachy View Post
Hi there,

My husband has the mutant Huntington's gene with a repeat of 43. We are both 30. We first tried the route of IVF w/ PGD, unfortunately we found out that I have a low egg reserve and that it would take probably 3 rounds of IVF until we were able to get enough eggs. Because of this, we have decided to go the natural route just once before going with IVF & PGD.

We were extremely lucky and after only a few months of trying, got pregnant and I am now 6 weeks, 4 days along.

If anyone has undergone CVS testing, what has your experience been like? Is Huntington's part of the FISH results that you can rush?

Thank you in advance!

Congratulations on you pregnancy,

I have just been through CVS after a surprise pregnancy, my advice would be to think carefully, it's not worth testing if you are not prepared to terminate the pregnancy and a repeat of 43 is quite low in my opinion, my genetics councillor wouldn't tell me what my repeat was so I imagine its a lot higher than that,

I had CVS at 11 weeks, the results come back in a week, the cvs test itself is uncomfortable but over before you know it,

Unfortunately for my baby it was not good news and because I'm over 13 weeks the NHS trust won't do a surgical termination, I've had to look into a private clinic who will call me in a weeks time with a view to the treatment being in 7 days after that, by which time my much loved and wanted baby will be almost 16 weeks and probably moving around. This is a situation I wouldn't wish on anyone. I'm still not 100% sure I can go through with it.

I really hope the outcome is better for you, good luck fingers crossed for you, if you want any other information please get in contact xxx
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