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Default Anyone with PGD or CVS experience?

Hi, I apologise in advance for the length of this post!
I am new to the message board - I'm 24 years old and soon to be married to my childhood sweetheart! I am untested for HD but am at risk. I have been off work the last two days (partly due to IBS but also find myself being quite down about my mums HD symptoms at the minute as she's really worsened and I feel like I've lost her completely now. Anyway, the time I've had off has given me the chance to reflect on my own life and what I want from it. So this has led me to think about having children. I know I am what could be considered very young still, but I know these things take a while so I want to start early!

So my question is, has anyone undergone either PGD or CVS? How did you find the experience and how long did it take? (I.e with PGD how long from starting the application to first attempt at implanting and how many attempts did it take you? And with CVS how many terminations did you have to undergo?)

Thank you so much, I feel quite lonely with this as I don't know anyone who has gone through the process so any help would be much appreciated! X
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