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Default Re: HD wife is 'ringing the police', she says

Originally Posted by Spanishgraeme View Post
Over the last couple of weeks, things seem to have gone from bad to worse.
Apart from some periods of zombie like nothingness and a few moments of clarity, my wife has been hell bent on destroying whatever we have left this week.
She is in the process of changing meds. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.
She won't even allow me to feed her today.
She tells me tgat she's calling the police to report me for being a rotten husband.........or something like that.
Part of me almost hopes that she does.
They might arrange to take her to hospital for assessment.
Part of me is scared about how bad this can get.
I just want to look after her and for for her to be happy and retain her dignity.

Perhaps it will be better in the morning.....hope so.
Hi sorry to hear what you are going through im at the same stage with my wife i love her to bits and will do anything for her she has difficulty with speech so i constantly have to ask her to repeat things which infuriates her and she says i dont care she can get a little violent at times there seems to be so little help for this part of the illness as she is also very reluctant to take part in any therapy sessions its very hard to see someone you have loved so much disappear before your eyes
all the best Keith
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