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Default Re: Critical Illness Cover

Originally Posted by Fola View Post
Seems far more complicated than I thought. As my wife has HD and has been unable to work for nearly 10 months, I wanted to see what our options were. Apparently, the criteria is defined as something which prevents my wife from doing 2 out of the following 6 tasks:
Walking- The ability to walk 200 metres on a level surface with a stick or other aid if required, without stopping or severe discomfort.
Lifting - The ability to pick up 1kg from table height and carry it for 5 metres.
Using a pen, pencil or keyboard -The ability to use a pen, pencil or keyboard with either hand or using any aids.
Hearing- The ability to hear, with a hearing aid if required, well enough to understand someone speaking a common language in a normal voice in a quiet room.
Speech- The ability to be understood in a common language in a quiet room.
Vision- The ability to see well enough to read 16 point print using spectacles or other aids if required.

However, none of this covers the fact that she can't teach because of how she responds to children and colleagues, how easily fatigued she is, her general irritabiliyy and other related difficulties. So apparently we just have to wait until she gets physically worse, which just seems odd.

Am I missing something here or are there any other options I should be looking at? Or is ill health retirement pension a better avenue to explore?

Thanks Fola
Hi Fola

I can't offer direct advice but, then again, I don't think anyone in here would be able to either as this is one of those areas where each case really does need to be taken on its own merit.

On the bottom of the Financial Support HDA page it has a paragraph

While coping with Huntingtonís can be expensive at times, there are lots of different sources of help available. Itís important to make sure you get the support that youíre entitled to. Your local specialist Huntingtonís Disease advisor (SHDA) can help and answer questions, and Citizenís Advice can also provide, support, advice and advocacy.
I think this is one of those things that falls into getting specialist outside help and someone to look at all your options from a professional standpoint.

Steve had lost his job by the time we called upon his private pension so we didn't have the option of a medical retirement. Critical Illness Cover was not even looked into by us.

Perhaps your SHDA could help you in the first intance?
Fiona Sturrock ? 01580 212276

What I would also say is please do think about making a note of things and what happens, forwarding details on to your MP cc Gavin Newlands MP. He is trying to collect examples of discrimination and the unfairness of the insurance and financial sector when handing people with HD. My Jan 08 debate thread in here and General Forum apply.
I tried.
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