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Originally Posted by LECS View Post
Thanks Allan. I really struggle to explain and understand myself and your second paragraph does it exactly. I climbed a mountain yesterday, I cant remember ever doing so before, not ever being of the sporty type, a school report once quoted 'she moves rather heavily' which says it all. This steep incline was rocky for a good part of it and I had to think about where to put my feet and how to raise my leg high enough and how to find the energy to push up and I concentrated so much that I felt overwhelming calm throughout. The signpost said 30 mins but it took me a couple of hours with a few stops to admire the view. I was with Gary and Alfie so I didn't have to find the extra concentration to speak as well, I could just concentrate in putting one foot in front of the other. I was singing and laughing on the way down which also required enormous concentration to keep my balance and feeling a little giddy so something must have happened, they asked if I had put anything in my water which I hadn't! I was tired afterwards and again it didn't improve my walking speed and I crawled home but the calmness remained. Wouldn't it be great if I left my 'monster' up the mountain! I'm now planning to find more mountains!! Best wishes to you all Lily
I always feel you explain yourself and your struggles with HD so well Lily and are a true inspiration. I do hope you were singing 'CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN' as you did so. I have a lovely image of that to hold on to!

Crystal x
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