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Default Does a positive test affect getting a mortgage?


Im currently debating whther to have the genetic test. I really want to have it but me and my boyfriend are hoping to get a mortgage in the next two years, and im frightened that mortgage companies wont lend to somone who has tested positive, despite no symptom onset. Im only 24.
Has anyone applied for a mortgage since having a positive test? Its making me feel like i should not be tested as it could prevent us getting a house.

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Default Re: Does a positive test affect getting a mortgage?

I see that no-one has replied to your message and I really want to know the answer to this question too - can anyone help with this? Another post said that you need life insurance to get a mortgage and you can't get life insurance if you have HD - is this right?


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Default Re: Does a positive test affect getting a mortgage?

Just done a quick search. These might help.

Dennis posted this in January 2013:

Regarding mortgages my understanding is that the problem is more about insurance to protect the mortgage in the case of the mortgagee dying rather than the mortgage itself.

I understand not all sources of mortgage suppliers make the mortgage conditional on life insurance, but it is prudent to have it.

The main HDA information page has some information about insurance and HD.

This is fairly complex and depends on the amount insured and whether someone is at risk or is tested positive. It depends on how the health questions are asked.

There have been a couple of specialist insurance brokers mentioned on the message board so a search may turn up some names.

From my memory of a talk about insurance at the AGM a couple of years back, I gathered it is better to get cover before testing, it was also suggested to use a specialist broker as they can make inquiries without disclosing your name because if a company did turn a person down, then if another asked, this has to be declared or policy could be void and not worth having.

Sorry if this is as clear as mud, but as I said it is a complex subject.


......... and in October 2010 Claire posted this:

Hi there
My partner tested positive at (I think) 24, it seems so long ago now, (only 8 years). Although i'm a nurse now, I'm a qualified mortgage and financial adviser. We took out our mortgage after John was tested, for £120,000. There are no questions on the mortgage application regarding your genetic health etc. All the mortgage lenders want to know are that you are willing and able to pay, ie you are able cos you have sufficient income and willing ie you have previous track record of paying bills/rent etc. The main thing I would say is to go to a high street lender and not a broker and do life assurance separate, tell the lender that you have someone doing the insurances for you then you do not need to say anything to the lender about health etc.

Now whether this next bit has changed i cannot say but as far as i am aware this is how it used to be. When we applied to Norwich Union (now aviva) they asked the question "do your parents have any genetic conditions such as HD", you have to answer these honestly but you do not legally have to disclose if you have had genetic testing. We didn't go ahead with the nu policy, what i did was look for an insurance company that doesn't ask the question. There are a few, can't remember which company it was (think legal and general), but if you are having the basic life/mortgage protection (that pays mortgage off on death) they don't always ask this question therefore no need to declare it.

Hope this helps
x Claire x
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Default Re: Does a positive test affect getting a mortgage?


I applied for my mortgage and life insurance when I was untested. My partner and I got the mortgage and the life insurance but I wasn’t given critical illness cover due to the risk of developing HD. Our life insurance payment per month is about £20.

My advice would be to (if at all possible) get life insurance prior to having the genetic test. Most life insurance forms have a section to declare illnesses; if you have not had the test for HD then you can cheerfully not mention HD, as you do not know if you have it. There is a section too for your family history and that is where HD gets mentioned. But this only works if you are untested – the uncertainty is a benefit in this case.

Life insurance is not mandatory to getting a mortgage – its just something that is nice to have. We were approved for our mortgage while still filling in life insurance forms.

Advice for mortgage shopping – use an independent financial advisor - We used one who got paid by the company we got our mortgage with…..he filled in the majority of the paperwork and did all the leg work.

You cannot be discriminated against if you do have HD. From what I remember, there was a moratorium in place - basically if you do have HD but the mortgage that you are applying for is less than £250,000, then you cannot be refused.

Hope that helps!

Nic x
Happy happy thoughts :)
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