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Default Looking for help/opinions

HiÖ I am new to this site. I have never done the forum or group route beforeÖ I am Zach. I am 27 years old and have had HD in my life for 3 generations. I was tested at 18 and got a result of positiveÖ I am married and do have friends but itís hard to talk to them about the HD stuff since they donít really understand and there is nothing they can do to help it.. And I have a hard time lately finding the motivation to even make plans with them if they arenít the ones to initiate itÖ I feel like I have started to get a little apathetic toward things I really used to likeÖ but mainly I really really would like to vent for a minute and it has been really helpful reading some of the stuff others have posted. Please tell me if you think I am being crazy and if itís all in my headÖ If anyone else has had similar experiences I would really appreciate hearing about them.
I have noticed in the last couple years that my short term memory has started to get really bad, in my job I work with a lot of meetings and a lot of scheduling things. I used to be extremely good at this. I have always been extremely organized. I have noticed that in the past 6 months I am forgetting to add people to meeting requests and emails. I am scheduling them for the wrong days or times even though it is written right in front of me. I know to many this doesnít seem like to much but for me it feels huge. This was one of my greatest qualities and it feels like itís slipping. Like I am slipping. I will be leading a meeting which is half of my job and my brain will just blank out. I call it a brain reset, but basically in the middle of a sentence I will forget what I was saying or talking about.. and if someone doesnít remind me I usually wonít be able to remember. Itís the most annoying thing. It happens in regular conversation too but that I can generally handle.
I have also noticed increasingly over the past 3 years or so that I am getting mad at my significant other for stupid stupid stuff. I never notice in the moment, and sometimes it may be something that is a small insignificant thing, but I get so mad about it, like unrealistically mad and I just canít seem to let it go. A few days later I may look back and realize that it was uncalled for but there is nothing I can do about it. I apologize and he generally holds no grudges about it. He is pretty awesome like that.. But when I tell him I am afraid because I think it may be some of the early stuff from my HD he will always dismiss it as I probably had a stressful day at work or something else. I donít blame him for this because he has no idea what to do with it, but I have found it hard to talk to him about it now.. I should probably note that I have never been an angry person.. I have always disliked people who yell and get mad for stupid reasons but now I canít seem to help myself. And though I find myself worrying about this stuff more as it gets worse, especially the organizational/work stuff, I donít really feel like I can tell anyone at work. I donít know 100% that HD is causing this and even if I did it would feel like an excuse for those who donít know much about it.

Any Advice has anyone else had this kind of stuff? I would really appreciate itÖ I know I am only 27 but I am afraid to even bring it up with my doctor since itís all mental and reasonably could all be attributed to other stuff and other than slips and trips I donít have much for physicalÖ and everyone slips in ND.. itís very icyÖ My mom (a wonderful woman who used to cry herself to sleep because she knew my brother and I had a 50% chance of getting it) is getting near the end of her HD story and she doesnít even know I have it because she would feel responsible so I canít really ask any of themÖ Thanks again, you are all very brave and amazing people and this is a wonderful resource.
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