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Default "Chorea as a child" on Grandmother's Death Certificate

I am doing my husband's family history and some time ago acquired his maternal Grandmother's Death Certificate. She died in 1936 when his mother was still a child so never met her.

His Grandmother died age 43 from:
1a) Auricular Fibrillation and infarction of spleen
1b) Rheumatic Endocarditis and
1c) Chorea as a child

We knew from his mother that she had died young from heart issues but, having come onto this site for other reasons, was just struck today by the term "Chorea as a child" on the certificate.

Does anyone know whether this would be linked to Huntington's disease or whether Chorea is also a feature of other illnesses?

I'm not aware of anyone yet who suffered HD in my husband's family but it just made me wonder.
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Default Re: "Chorea as a child" on Grandmother's Death Certificate

Hi there [Good Samaritan]

Thatís very interesting. A quick look at some medical\scientific papers suggests that the Rheumatic Endocarditis and Chorea as a child are linked. Acute onset of chorea in childhood is most often due to Sydenham's chorea. The Chorea related to the Rheumatic Endocarditis apparently suggests a common underlying abnormality - but not HD, I think.

Acute and Chronic Chorea in Childhood - Have a look at all the items listed down the left hand side.

The Auricular Fibrillation and infarction of spleen donít seem to be related to 1b) and 1c)

Multiple Splenic Infarcts in a Patient of Dilated Cardiomyopathy: An Unusual Aetiology

I would suggest, from what Iíve read, that this childhood chorea isnít related to HD.

Good luck with your other venture. Have you contacted the Specialist HD Adviser for the region? If not, contact: Poppy Hill on 0121 4261015 or at

New Day; New Outlook; New Challenges; New Possibilities; New Outcomes; New Successes
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Default Re: "Chorea as a child" on Grandmother's Death Certificate

Hi Allan,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

I've now had a google and can see that what you have said is correct. That has put my mind at rest.

I woke up today feeling down about my lot in life but after reading the various posts on these message boards I've given myself a firm kick up the rear and told myself how lucky I am.

I'm inspired and heartbroken in equal measures by what some posters have written. My heart goes out to everyone on these boards and I pray for as much love, compassion and strength for all those affected by HD.

(I'm not sure I'm a good Samaritan but thank you very much for the compliment).

I haven't contacted anyone from HD about my brother's neighbour but I will still bear it in mind. My brother hasn't told my sister yet that he's raised the subject of the incident with the neighbour but is going to. I'm not sure whether she would want to speak to the police in support of the lady affected by the incident in the launderette so I'll see what her plans are first.

I might then have a word with Poppy in case there is some support the neighbour needs.

Thanks again.

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